I Have To Go RB First? Help Please

I’m in a 16 team 0.5pt PPR league with rookie only keepers. My first 3 picks are 1.08, 3.08 and 5.08 (I made some trades last season).

Guys like Johnson, Bell, Elliot, Gurley, Gordon, Howard are all kept by other teams. I have Shepard and Benjamin as keepers for late round picks.

I could be in a position where a Tier 1 WR is available at my first pick but no Tier 1 RBs. Given how low I am on early round picks I have to take the best available RB at my pick right? Or even someone like McCaffrey (who I could keep). Just looking for some confirmation of that or any advice?


From what you’ve posted, you do seem to be in a bit of a tough spot. So rookie only keepers, do you mean that if you take a rookie you can keep them forever? Or for just the next year? Because if you keep them longer, McCaffrey is pretty valuable. In a 16 team, if the rookies are that valuable, they are going to go fast. All of that said, you don’t HAVE to pick the best RB available. If there’s a top WR left, you could take shots in the 3rd and 5th. I found a lot of pass catching backs dropped in my .5ppr draft, which may not provide much ceiling but generally have a nice floor.

The rookies we get to keep forever so that’s why I’m kinda thinking if McCaffrey is there I’ll take him. RB’s depth is so scarce that I almost feel taking a WR in the first would leave me having to take shots and hope.

I’m in for a tough year but it’s not over before it’s started. I feel in this league I need to try and get a RB1 rookie for the future.

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Then given that, I would be targeting as many of this years RB rookie crop as I could get because there are several who could be excellent

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First round has to be best player available. If you have a Tier 1 WR, take him and figure out the rest from there. You star rookies will probably not make it to 3.08 but there could be some value in a CJ Anderson, Doug Martin role. Go heavy on the RB fliers late like the 3 rookie Williams, Jamaal, Jon, Joe or K. Hunt and hope one of them sticks.

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I’m not sure how i feel about this but here is what I ended up with. Bear in mind i had no 2nd or 4th round pick. I had Benjamin, Shepard and Wentz kept.

Carson Wentz PHI
Andy Dalton CIN
Kareem Hunt KC
Devonta Freeman ATL
Ameer Abdullah DET
Doug Martin TB
DeAngelo Henderson DEN
Wendell Smallwood PHI
Kelvin Benjamin CAR
Sterling Shepard NYG
Jordan Matthews BUF
Robby Anderson NYJ
Kenny Stills MIA
Austin Seferian-Jenkins NYJ
Zach Ertz PHI
Arizona Cardinals D
Jets D

For a 16 man, yoyr rbs are fantastic I think. But, your wrs suck. And i mean bad. Calvin Benjamin as your 1 is just… ugh bad taste. And i don’t like the Jordan Mathews pick at all. Wish you would have gone with someone who is able to play. He is new to his team and has had 0 chance to get on the same page as Taylor. Plus it will be a few more weeks until he can even start. For a late season push he may turn out good… But that doesn’t matter if you can’t get to that late season push because you can’t win games. Granted, it is a 16 team. So everyone has some big weakness. Let’s just hope you can get past them with some trades.

From where you started I like it, nice job!

Yeah i don’t like my WRs at all. I need to pick up a kicker before season starts but ill prob drop Jets D for one.

I’m hoping someone is really weak at RB and I can do a trade to get a decent WR. I’ve always struggled with RB depth in this league and I think i over compensated this year. There was just always a better value RB pick early on than WR.

On a quick glance there are a quite a few teams who are quite weak at RB. It appears that a lot of teams may be looking for trades as the season progresses as not many have a balance between RB and WR. Strong at one or the other.

I would put aome feelers on trading hunt then. Might be able to get good value for him with the ware news.

After the Meredith injury Kendall Wright went undrafted in my league. Being weak at WR do I drop Henderson to pick him up?