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I have to pick up a Deep Sleeper


I think these may be the best available. Who would you take?
Perriman, Wright, Malcolm Mitchell and Amendola


I’m open to any other ideas as well. I’m weak at WR


That’s a good list… Just currently it’s a crap shoot…



i would also check if brandon tate from the bills is available


Mitchel or amendola. Get a piece of that patriots offense


idk tho patriots have a lot of weapons burkhead gronk gilleslee lewis hogan its like playing roulette with there players you dont know who its going to be


what about Cooper Cupp?


cooper kupp was going to be my suggestion too. overlooked, and if he is targeted like he has been i the preseason, you get yourself a PPR machine.


I like Adarius Stewart on the Jets and Tarik Cohen on the Bears. Crappy teams but possible volume at some point.


Ardarius Stewart is available. Tarik is not.


Kupp isn’t available


I’m leaning Amendola. Brady likes him when he’s healthy, he just can’t piece 3 games together without getting hurt.


Give me Mitchell all day. His upside in that offense if much higher than Amendola due to sheer physical size. Not to mention Amendola couldn’t play 16 games with a gun to his head. Brady already showed last year that he is willing to throw it to Mitchell as well.


Amendola will not play 16 games. And NE manages him throughout the season to keep him healthy for the playoffs and will do so even with Edelman going down. I’d take Mitchell over Amendola of those 2 though. Is Zay Jones available?


nope, no Zay jones.
did I mention this is a 14 team league with a 10 deep bench?


Kenny Gallowday?