I have to take this Trade right? Gronk and Shady for DJ

Am I over thinking this trade offer? I have DJ and it’s so hard to let him go… but Gronk and Shady McCoy seems like a great deal for me. Thoughts?

Nope, you don’t have to take this trade. Mccoy is worth very minimal at this point, we don’t know what his suspension situation nor what his production output will be like. Im my opinion, you hold dj and at worst you have a servicable high end rb2, at best a decent rb1. Regardless, you could get better value for him than this trade.

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No, this is a bad trade for you. McCoy is going to get suspended even if he recovers well from injury and has his usual playing time. He also is on a truly awful team, no matter what happened last week against the Vikings. That was a total fluke. DJ’s potential is worth infinitely more than gronk and mccoy. If McCoy was someone along the lines of Jordan Howard, then I take this trade.

True, Lesean Mccoy is garbage. He’s on a really bad team. Guess what? So is David Johnson.

Gronk is more valuable than DJ right now. Mccoy is just the cherry on top. In standard this is a no brainer. In ppr, if you are really hurting at rb you might want to stand pat because DJ’s involvement in the passing game gives him a bit of a floor.

Thanks everyone for your help. I’m going to reject the trade and really cheer against the Patriots and Gronk(double team him!)… and yes, this would make me VERY thin at RB which is no bueno.

McCoy getting suspended why?

He’s not. He was cleared of the issue with his ex-gf at his home in Atlanta. Not a suspect at all.

That’s what I thought… I would do this trade. but seems like you already made up your mind

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I haven’t officially rejected it yet, but I have way too many WOs on my squad, I’m going to try and move some of them today and reassess.