I have too many RBs need to offload one or more

I have Kamara, Hyde, Murray, Ingram and Martin (I also have Matt Breida) all on my roster. My WRs are Evans, Hopkins, Maclin and Amendola. With Watson going down and Evans’ Winston problem I feel the need to ship out one or more of these RBs for a high upside WR ROS. I’m finding it difficult to play match ups with this many RBs and to be honest I keep second guessing myself and loosing out (choosing Martin over Hyde this week being the most recent example.)

If you were me, what would you do and who would you target?

League is 1pt PPR Keeper League, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex
My TEs are Witten & V.Davis.

Package Murry and Martin together for a stud WR or RB…time to condense your roster for that playoff push! Go after Julio, Green for a WR. As far as RB and buy low on McCoy bad week or Freeman.


Yeah that seems like a good plan, trying to get it done now, see if anyone bites.

sounds like my team. I have had 6-7 startable RBs on my team all year but hard to get trades in this league, so I have given up guys in very uneven trades (Gore for stafford being the latest) but you cant play all those RBs so you have to take what you can get if it makes your team better at another position.