I have two trades for Elijah Mitchell

I currently have two guys in my dynasty league who are looking to get Elijah Mitchell from me. Here are the two offers.

Dalvin Cook and '24 first for Mitchell and Pittman
Cam Akers for Mitchell and Elijah Moore

I think that the Cook trade could get done right away. The Akers owner will likely want more from me than that.

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IMHO I’m not in on the Cam trade. I’d 100% keep Mitchell there.

Cook is interesting. He’s older and the 24 1st could be used to replace him, but giving up Pittman feels like a bit too much. I cannot say what or why, but I think I’d want something else from the Cook side. I would think you could go straight up at Cook for Mitchell, unless you are stacked at WR and losing Pittman wouldn’t really matter.

Between the two I’m much more interested in the Cook deal and I’d not worry too much about it, but it does feel like the Cook side is a bit weaker. Only a little bit. Like a tiny bit. Like maybe a 22 3rd. That’s not enough to break the deal IMHO, but if you could get it why not at least ask. Though I’d ask in DM and not in the offer. I find conversation greases more wheels than just offers sent.

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