I have Tyrod and the Saints DST, and I don't know which I should bank on

I have Tyrod and the Saints DST…

Ideally I’d like to have both, but this just isn’t one of those weeks, as they’re against each other.

Tyrod now has Kelvin Benjamin with an extra long week of practice together, and maybe getting Charles Clay back, so that looks promising.
The Saints have also been doing really well, and are really consistently high, but they’re also going to be playing in bad weather in Buffalo, which I imagine they aren’t as useful in…

My options that I see are:

  1. Pickup a good streamer QB like McCown, bench Tyrod, and let the Saints do their work
  2. Stream the Patriots D, bench the Saints

in either case I’d be dropping Snead, whom I really should’ve dropped a while ago…


I lean option 2.

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I’d play Bears DST all day. I have tyrod n saints as well but I’ll be playing Wilson this week and trying to scoop bears D. Pats D looks like a decent option but to me, that screams a trap game in Denver…That Team will be playing with a chip on their shoulder after getting taxed vs Philly


Good point, unfortunately the Bears are already claimed. The pickings on the waiver wire this week across the board is pretty slim…

I went with option 2, for what it’s worth, though someone dropped Matt Stafford, who might be a better qb to use for option 1

Dropped Stafford?! Wtf??

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LOL…yeah my jaw kinda dropped on that one as well!!! The only way I could see that would be if the possibility of having both Wentz and Wilson, or Smith and Precsott suddenly and miraculously dropped in my lap!!! LOL Or something along those lines.

At one point I had Watson Wilson n tyrod…those were the days lol kinda wish I was able to trade Watson before that injury happened :joy:

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The guy who dropped Stafford has Brady as his main QB, picking up Martavis Bryant; he’s got solid WRs but needed depth, he told me as much

Is this a 2 QB League? Just found it curious that he would drop a QB like Stafford. This has, after all, been the “injury year” from hell!!! Reckon I’m just used to thinking in the realm of starting QB and backup for BYE weeks and injury possibility.

Nope, 1 QB