I have Waller, do I still go for hockenson?

I have Darren waller, but should I still use a claim to try to get hockenson for trade value or just safety at that position? 12 team standard, probably would drop a bench player along the lines of Adam humphries

Depends on what you would be giving up. But why not take a punt on him if its cheap in FAAB plus I doubt he is the highest priority on the waiver wire for most people.

Yeah Iā€™d probably drop someone on my bench like Adam humphries or possibly pollard since zeke is back for him. Think it might be worth it

Probably Humphries. It is early days and they paid up for him but Humphries just never seemed to get going in the preseason or the first game. Pollard is an EXTREMELY high end backup so why not hang on to him for a bit would be my thought process.

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