I have, Woods, Kupp, Kamara- Should I trade for a rb or wr?

I’m obviously concerned about Kamara because of Brees. The Rams wrs have value, so should I look to trade one of them for a wr or rb? I’m probably about to go 0 and 2 in my league.

It’s a full ppr league and we start 3 wr, 2rb, 2 flex.

Current wrs- Evans , Woods, Kupp, Kirk, McLaurin, Gallup.

Current rbs- Kamara, D Henry, Breida, L Murray, Miles Sanders, Justin Jackson.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!!

yes I would try to trade a wr for a rb you need help there. Is mostart on the wire try and pick him up

He is but I already have Breida.

They both have very good production most weeks