I have Yeldon and Fournette... What does the Hyde trade mean for me?

I have Yeldon and Fournette… What does the Hyde trade mean for me?

Im feelin a little panicked all the sudden

It means pick up Chubb, if you still can.

Nah man he was gone weeks ago lol

I’m a Yeldon owner so I doubt Hyde is playing this week? I guess it doesn’t affect me since I could only bank on Yeldon for another week if that.

Ignoring Fournette getting reinjured

I have Yeldon/Fournette on a couple teams and am shopping him. I’m worried about the possibility of going on IR. At the very least, I would expect his volume to go down splitting touches with Hyde and Yeldon.

I am not ok. I have Yeldon and Fournette… I fear this means IR for Fournette soon…

What do you think you should be able to get for the pair right now in a trade? Someone like Tevin Coleman? Too low/ too high?

I would think IR is possible, at the very least. In that case, Fournette is worthless but Yeldon retains value. With Fournette playing, I’d think Yeldon would be worthless and Fournette’s value would go down a lot with less usage and the ongoing injury risk

Fantasy News states that Fournette should return after the bye, and this move for Hyde is insurance in case he has a setback…

Reports says fournette wont be on IR, plan on coming back after their bye

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Hyde seems like a pretty big insurance policy to me, like the kind you only buy if you plan on relying on it


So would you play Brieda or Chubb over Yeldon this week? I have Gordon/Lindsay RB1/2 and need to figured out my flex.

Chubb, he knows the offense and has a better matchup. JAX O line is beat up, they haven’t run well, and if Houston can stymie Zeke the freak, then Yeldon is screwed.

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I’m salty as the Fournette owner because this could hurt him.

But mostly if I was the Yeldon owner I’d be upset.

I was napping away when this news hit so Chubb is already gone… He was on my wire.

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Makes sense. My whole team just changed on a dime. I’m Yeldon/Fournette owner. Got the alert on a Hyde and was able to snatch Chubb up for free.

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What should I do? I’m trading Edelman and Hyde for Woods. The trade is being voted on and idk if the trade gives Hyde more or less value