I have zeke and I'm worried

This may be his last week and then he may be gone for 6 weeks. Should I trade him for lesean mccoy to be safe or stay in the fire with him and take the risk of him getting suspended? Im 7-0 my rbs are ezekiel elliot, leveon bell, alvin kamara, ty montgomery.

I was just offered Julio for Elliott and I accepted the trade without any question. I was hesitant at first, but then its a gamble. there is a strong chance he will face suspension as NY courts are always in favor towards NFL. I would recommend trading him today with someone who is need for a win this week.

Hey if you can get Shady for Zeke straight up I’d do it. Zeke is the slightly better player, but Shady doesn’t have the same risk. Definitely don’t sell him on the cheap, but getting an equal-ish RB in return with no risk is a great trade.

what about jordan howard or is he too much a step down?

Hmmm. Honestly I’ve never been a Jordan Howard fan so you’re asking the wrong guy. Howard’s been getting a monster workload, but I’m just looking at upside here.

If Zeke gets suspended, you still have Kamara and Bell, a solid RB core. You have a good record, and those RBs should be good enough to get you a few more wins to get you to the playoffs.
If Zeke is suspended weeks 9 through 14, he will be back for weeks 15 and 16 in the playoffs, where your RBs and FLEX option (Kamara) will be Godly.

Now, if he isn’t suspended- all of your league mates will cower in fear as your RBs demolish every opponent in their path.

… Sorry. Basically, your record’s good, the rest of your team’s probably good, and you can afford the risk on Zeke. You’ll probably make the playoffs with or without him on your team, might as well shoot for league winning upside.

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