I inherited a mess

I inherited this team from an owner who got kicked (I assume for trying to make ridiculous trades). I already traded Le’Veon Bell and D.J. Moore For Tyler Locket, CJ Anderson and Tevin Coleman. I am well aware I have nothing to work with this year. But is there any value left here to set me up for the future? Or do I just take the beating this year and reevaluate next year.

12 team standard scoring 2QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 3RWT 1DST Dynasty.

I’ve seen worse teams and I’ve even had a worse team when I blew it up in 2015. I’ve won back to back championships so don’t get too discouraged. The nice thing about 12 team dynasty is that you only have to hit on 2-3 studs to take the top prize. I don’t know how your league is stacked but I would say you’re in mid-rebuild. You actually have some nice young pieces to build around. I’ve been playing dynasty for 12 years now and here is how I see your roster in my humble opinion:

Keep: Allen, Jacobs, Juju, Golladay, Hooper, Gallup, Vikings D (unless you really want to go full rebuild), Penny, Jones, Renfrow

Keep/Trade: Watkins, Brown, Waller, Coleman

Trade: Crowder, Sanu, Smith, Eli, CJ

My thinking is that you can trade these guys for future picks or other upside plays and they may not be worth anything next year due to age or situation. Crowder may be worth keeping if you think you can contend in the next couple seasons. I would target teams needy at the given position or maybe the Luck or Lamar Miller owner for trades. You have some interesting handcuffs that may have more value to trade to the feature RB owners. I would also avoid any player over 26 years old, especially at RB unless it’s a top Tier WR or QB. If you can gain even a couple more 2nd round picks in the next couple drafts, you can be trending up. I’d be targeting young depth players in trades and go for studs in next year’s draft. I’ve definitely seen teams worse than this go from worst to first in a short time. Good hunting!

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Sorry, did not see the 2 QB part until after posting. That changes things a bit but not much as next year’s draft has a lot of viable QB’s. Jones will start this year and has looked decent so you can move him in this season and cut Ito. Like I said before, get an additional 1st or 2nd rounder and that may be your new franchise QB. Maybe trade Coleman or package guys for Brissett who is still relatively young and in a great situation. Ryan Finley and Jarrett Stidham looked good in the preseason if you end up with taxi squad spots available.

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This is encouraging. Do you suggest I wait until some of these guys are producing and then try to trade or is there someone I should be trying to move as early as possible?

I’d wait for the boom week or soft part of their schedule and trade them.

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