I just acquired Aaron Jones but should I trade him?

I also have Zeke, Jordan Howard, David johnson, Nick Chubb…

My tight end is Trey Burton and I know the Kittle owner is really interested in Aaron Jones.

I think today might be my last day for trades. Not sure if my league allows me to trade after they played but if it’s possible…should I?

quit bump- think I rather take my chances with Burton but wanna hear what any of you have to say.

I would not trade away Jones for a TE.

TEs simply have been all over the place this year, way too inconsistent. Only TE I would trade Jones for would be Ertz/Kelce who give consistent production(probably favour Kelce here)

I’d trade away Jordan howard or DJ before I trade away Aaron Jones.

Wow, DJ before. Cool thanks for the advice.