I just bought Member and i didn't get it!


@PapaJosh please someone

HELP now omg

You’re all synced up now. You have full posting privileges. Enjoy!

Btw i tried buying Hall Of Fame and won’t let me ?

The $25+ spots are limited as we need to be able to address all of the priority questions that those tiers get access to. It’s a first come, first serve basis so the best thing to do is check back daily.

That was not a good move. I purchased you a Footclan Elite Membership, and didn’t have to. I did you a favor, and did something nice for someone I don’t even know and you tried to pull that. Even if there was a slot open in the Hall of Fame level, you wouldn’t have been able to, for I took a preventative measure so that I wouldn’t be taken advantage of.

I went ahead and cancelled that for you.


Just out of curiosity lol what happened here?

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What was clearly stated. Did something nice, and said user wasn’t content with that. It’s the principle of it.

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oh it was u?

no i dont think u understand i had paypal money finnaly likr 5.o1$ and i tried buying said i bought it but idk how it bought without creditcard so thx it wasu sorry they fixed it i had to wait 10 min then i got it