I just got offered something for Melvin

10-man Full PPR, with 3 WR starts, 2 RBS, and a Flex

RBS: Melvin, Howard, Kerryon, Tarik, Ajayi, Ingram, Lynch

WRS: Fitz, Amari, Sanders, Dede, Tyler Boyd, Taywan

Needless to say I am desperate for some receivers. I was offered Devanta Adams+someone else for Gordon

Possible someone elses; Drake, Coleman, Lamar, James White, Robert Woods, D. Freeman

I think I can get Drake and Adams, he’ll probably want to offer Adams and Miller

Would you trade Melvin when you’re potentially deep at the spot like myself?

Little lost here guys, kinda want to trade Melvin

No way I’d trade Melvin. I’m sure you could trade ingram or lynch for an okay WR to stream with sanders


I have Melvin Gordon and Jordan Howard as well, not trading either of them. Bellcows are too hard to find. I really like Adams as well, I almost grabbed him in the second round of my draft but chose Howard instead. Spena1039 is right, trade one of the other backs for a receiver, maybe a nice packaged 2 for 1.

The way things are going Gordon could end up the #1 back this season, its too early to tell for sure but look at what has happened to some of the top backs already. Check out the first 2 rounds of your draft and look at how bad or injured most of those backs are, its not worth giving up Gordon.

What Melvin is doing is not an outlier, he’s been top 7 a couple years now and usually missed a couple games each season. Just get Austin ekeler. Think Tevin Coleman (2016).

Well its involved into trading Ingram for Aghlor and James White

No way to that either keep Ingram you’re team will look amazing with Gordon and ingram