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I just got offered this trade


Jeffrey and cohen for Fournettee. I would get Fournette

My only problem with this trade is that fournette and cohen are averaging the same thing + jeffrey just had a very impressive game on a team that he is by far the WR1. I am a big fan of Fournette but i am struggling for WR and i just dont know if this trade works the best for me.

my team:
QB: Mariota
RB: McCaffrey
RB: Hunt
WR: M. Thomas
WR: Baldwin
WR: Pryor
TE: Reed
D: Ravens
K: Lutz

BE: David Johnson ):
BE: Howard
BE: Jeffrey
BE: Tate
BE: Thielen
BE: Cohen
BE: Kupp


bump… please help


Did you just say that Cohen and Fournette “average” the same? Fournette is the far superior RB. I mean, do you think Cohen is better than Lev Bell? Cohen has out produced Bell by a wide margin thus far :laughing:

Your WRs are fine, you can survive without Jeffrey IMO


In my opinion I think you should keep Cohen and Jeffery and decline the trade. Myself being a Titans fan and all, but the Titans don’t have that good of a defensive line, and Fournette was struggling to get anything. He had one big game against the Texans, big deal, at this rate anybody can have a big game against the Texans. So yes I think Fournette is a bit overrated as of right now. On the other hand, Cohen has already proven to his coaches and team that he can handle being the leading rusher in Chicago and has also proven that he’s a better rusher than Howard. Jeffery is one of the most talented wide receiver in the NFL, he can do things and put up number like any other WR1 in the league, but the question is will he? And my answer to that is yes. Wentz is still new to the league and this being only his second season, he’s come a long way as a NFL starting QB. His latest game against a tough KC Chiefs defense proves just how good that Eagles offense can be as Wentz is getting more and more comfortable launching the ball down the field as he has to because of the Eagles poor running game. With a bad running game, the Eagles look like they’re going to be a pass first offense this season, leaving Jeffrey with huge WR1 potential. I would keep him on my team and maybe even start him over one of the WR’s you have right now. So in my opinion, declining the trade would be in your best interest.



Thank you! Yep such a hard decision I don’t know what to do


I would do this trade for sure. Their. Oh bench players for you and everyone wants RBs. Fournette won’t lose value and volume is huge. You can replace Jeffrey with a WW WR like Kearse or JJ Nelson.