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I just made a trade. Slaughter me or praise me?


Ok guys. Last year I won my league, it’s a ten team 2 keeper standard league. All ten teams are incredibly active and we do make a few decent trades a year. I had a hell of a team it looked as follows

QB: Cam Newton
RB: Todd Gurley
RB: Kareem Hunt
Wr: Tyreek Hill
WR: AJ Green
TE: Eric Ebron ( had Ertz all year but he went in a trade that sent Ertz, Michael Thomas and Stafford for T Hill, Mark Ingram and K cousins.
Flex: M Ingram
Dst: bears
K: zeurline.

So needless to say my team was stacked and I had a fantastic year. Now being the winner I am looking at a snake pick with 10th and 11th pick. This is not typically bad but with two keepers a lot of the top dawgs are gone by the time I would be picking. So what I just did today was traded one of my keepers. Based on those players mentioned above I decided that keeping K Hunt and T gurley was in my best interest. So I just trade K hunt for Antonio Brown. I feel really good about this but I’m also nervous based on the fact that I won with those two as my main running backs. I mean that’s a hard duo to replace with all of the great rbs being kept essentially. Slaughter me or praise me? Go ahead. And thanks ahead of time for any advice.


I would make that trade every day of the week and twice in sundays.


while i am a big bible thumber on having 2 solid RBs to rely on, im not saying no to AB in most any trade for an RB straight up. there are only a few that i say no to. the only time i really wouldnt, is if im stacked at WR, and super weak at RB. this being before the draft even starts, dont even need to worry about it. so no roasting here. besides, you have gurley. that by itself gives you leway to do what ever you want at RB.


Top scoring WR 4 years in a row for a tier 2 RB? yeah I’d make that trade and never look back. At what is effectively the end of the third round there’ll still be some RBs out there, Collins, Ajayi, Penny, Feeman, Henry, McCoy may even fall to you. all systems go!


Awesome guys. Thanks for the input. I felt really good when this happened, I just got a little worried based on how rbs are so important again ( as opposed to two years back ). And yeah those guys will be there minus McCoy and freeman those will be keepers based on my predictions. My personal hope is sandwich some rbs to take the place of hunt. Because when it comes Down to it, there won’t be a whole lot of established backs there. I feel I may not replace hunt necessarily, but I can fill the void. Maybe Jordan Howard or like earlier stated some rookies.


Finding something at the 10 spot in the first round at the Rb position is still quite possible. I like the trade as well. Good luck.


Skeebo, thanks dude. The only reason I even worried at all was because of the two keeper deal of our dynasty league. I feel like, I don’t know, because of the lack of top tier running backs available when you’re talking bout 20 players gone (most of which in our league of 9 yrs will be rbs) you have to worry. I know my league and I know they will take rbs first. It’s just the way we work. I am very happy. I’m just optimistic and pessimistic at the same time haha. Mostly due to the fear of not replacing hunt in such a rb hungry league. That’s really all. I love brown, have for years. Especially because he went to college very close to me. I just have this maybe irrational fear of not replacing hunt.


I should’ve clarified I meant Royce Freeman. Yeah even if Devonta wasn’t a keeper I wouldn’t see him dropping that far in a 2 keeper league


Ahhh. Yeah I wasn’t even thinking Royce. Appreciate it. I think there will be some rookies that can replace. At least that’s my hope.


I love it, excellent trade. Having an elite tier RB and WR means you don’t have to over commit to either at the end of the first. You can draft for value. Don’t forget that while you may look at the player pool as being depleted because of the 20 players unavailable, it’s important to remember that all 9 other teams will be dealing with the same challenge, but you’ll be going into the draft with the consensus #1 at both skill positions. You LITERALLY can’t be in a better position in my opinion than drafting 10th with the best RB and WR.


You did the right thing, ab for Hunt all day!