I just picked up Richard 10 hours later... what?

My league picked up Chubb 2 min after news hit but Richard was on waivers?? Is he not the lead back now Or is he not good enough to roster? I have Kamara Hunt and Elliot and don’t need him but will look for Trade value

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I think owners want nothing to do with the Raiders atm.
With Chubb the talent is there. In this back field…eh

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He’s the pass catcher though correct??

Correct he is the better back the raiders look bad he will be on the field I think he is a safe floor player with minimal upside.

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Thanks! Hopefully now he does blowup and I’m Able to trade him or flex him and trade Kamara for a Top 5 WR

I’m still on the fence of dropping lynch for Richard or trying for devonte foreman… not sure who would be the better long term option