I just retired/quit?

I have been the commish for 11 years and counting for this league. I haven’t won a championship in this controversial league yet. I am defs on my way this year. Thing is, I need to retire from fantasy football as it tkes up way too much of my time, and I think I am at the crossroads of my life. Have to give up something, and realized it has to be this league and this team. Fk me… Holla at me if interested, there will be a commiswh vote going on tomororrow as I am reitring/quitting …

I have the best team yet for this year, but I have to accomplish some major goals ahead of fasntasy football. Dammit. Pls be honored to be apart os this league.

Shit, I got probs have the best eram in any 12 man , 1 keeper league, standard w/micro bonus’ LEAGUE

I’m interested in taking over let me know