I just traded for Aaron Jones

So I just traded CEH for Chris Carson then I flipped him for Aaron Jones
Here was the trade

My team gets:
Aaron Jones
Nick Chub
Marvin Jones
John Brown

He gets:
Chris Carson
Amari Cooper
Marquise Brown
Joshua Kelley

Was this a bad trade? I was looking to acquire Jones to have an advantage this week in my matchup and I think that he can be a top 5 runningback and has tons of upside

My team also has good WR depth with Woods,Mclaurin, Jefferson, Claypool, trying to pick up Deebo

You gave up a lot of WR upside, but once Chubb is back, you’ll be good at RB. You do have a good WR floor with Woods and Mclaurin but I don’t see a legit WR1 on your roster right now. Cooper or Brown have the potential to be that, although I think losing Dak may have destroyed Coopers ROS outlook. Time will tell. Overall I think you did well. RB is the premium position and you’ve set yourself up well there.

Oh yea i also have zeke, gaskin, and bell as my rbs and chubb on ir who i just got
thanks for the response

You’re stacked at RB. You might think about trading for a truly great WR. You have the Trade capital to go after someone like Diggs.

would ridley, diggs, thielen, metcalf be good targets?

Yes I would target any of those. I think I like Diggs the most after last night though. Allen only completed 14 passes and 6 were to Diggs. His target share was almost 30%. He’s beginning to look matchup-proof and gamescript-proof.

I went into this season expecting Diggs to be a bust. I was WAY off.


what do you think a good package for diggs would be?

my team:
QB Kyler
RB Zeke
WR McLaurin
John Brown
Marvin Jones Jr

Would gaskin and mclaurin, claypool, or woods be enough or would I have to include jefferson

Well it depends on what the Diggs owner needs and what his record is. If he has a good team and a winning record, the price could be too high to be worth it.

I just beat him by 50 points this past week here is his team

Latavius Murray
Damien Harris
Justin Jackson

he seems pretty good all around except qb as he lost dak to injury and then fitzpatrick to benching

His looks like could use some RB depth while waiting for CMC to come back.

However, Diggs will not be cheap. You will probably need to give up some good depth to get him.

Okay so this might sound crazy but I’m slightly concerned about Zeke without a good QB. If Dalton doesn’t play better, defenses are going to start stacking the boxing and you’re going to see a lot more of RB2 Zeke.

So here’s the crazy idea: Slide an offer to give him Zeke for Diggs and Eckeler. I know that is SUPER bold…but if I’m right about Zeke, you can just run with Jones and Gaskin for now (this week will hurt with Gaskin on bye), hope that Bell becomes an RB2, and then you’ll have a true WR1, an RB1, at least one RB2, and POTENTIALLY another RB1 when Eckeler comes back. If Dalton plays ROS like he did last night, Dallas is done. Eckeler very well could be the RB you want going into the playoffs rather than Zeke.

I’m not saying I’d even do this…but I would seriously be thinking about it. And the Diggs owner would probably take it if he needs to win now.

Hmm thats interesting
I’m just concerned about when ekeler comes back because its a hammy injury
Do you think someone would go for a Zeke for Jacobs and Metcalf offer? I don’t think the person who has Jacobs values him much. I could also throw in a Robert Woods or John Brown

I definitely think you could pull that trade off. I don’t think you’d need to offer more than Zeke either.

Again, trading Zeke away would be really tough for me…but you saw what happened with Dalton under center. And the AZ defense isn’t THAT good. Lesser RBs have had much better nights against them. Any defense can stop any RB if they can stack the box.

Do you think zeke will fix his fumbling?

Probably. I don’t think it’s really been a problem for him much in his career. But even if he does fix it, there’s nothing he can do about running into a wall every play.

Higher ceiling
Jacobs or Zeke?

Im tempted to try the jacbos metcalf offer

That’s tough. It really all depends, to me, on which QB plays better; Carr or Dalton. My money would be on Carr. It just comes down to which offense can be more balanced. I will never try to say that Jacobs is as good as Zeke, but again, Zeke is likely going to be the “stop him and we win the game” guy for every defense from here on out.

I feel like some others should chime in with their opinions before you decide for sure though. But right now, Zeke can bring in more than one good player in a trade for you.

How many people in the league?? If those are your rest of season RBs I think you are golden

He is really hurting at RB offer Bell and one of your WR2’s The unknown of bell upside might be tempting enough