I just traded Woods for Drake, mistake?

Now I am worried it was a mistake. I am pretty stacked at WR already. Drake getting traded is the only thing that will make me feel better

Sorry, I feel like you didn’t enough back for trading away Woods. Its hard to find good RBs and I believe in Drakes ability but whether he stays in Miami or goes somewhere else, he’s probably in a timeshare with limited snaps. But who knows? If he goes somewhere like Detroit its gotta be better than staying in Miami right?
If you are thin at RB don’t take your eye off of the waivers, especially handcuffs. We’re only halfway through the season and I don’t see all the starting RBs staying healthy till the seasons end.

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Yeah, I dont know i am just not a fan of Woods. He has not been good this season. I have been starting Lockett and John Brown over him and they have been fine. My WR’s are: