I just want to vent a little on how Crazy Fantasy Football is!

I am in a 20 team League. We divide up into 2 ten team divisions. Each Division has their own draft. So, Basically, it is Team 10 team leagues that meet up in the Playoffs and compete for the Championship. It is a 0.5 PPR. We also have 2 weeks that we play a doubleheader.

My Record is 6-5. I am currently the highest scoring of all 20 teams, with 123 pt/g. I am also the 4th highest points against and the highest points against in my division with 119 pts/g. I have faced the highest scoring team 3 times this year. One of those weeks, I was the second highest scorer. I am currently just inside the playoff race, with 3 games to go. The leader of my division is 7-4 and is scoring 102 pts/g with 104 pts/g against him. That is nearly a 20 pt difference between me and him, yet he has a better record. His highest scoring game was 123, which is my average per game. Luckly for me there are 4 teams tied with me at 6-5 and I play the leader this week. it is crazy to me how people can be so lucky.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my team and I feel I am making a nice run towards a successful season and playoffs.
I am just frustrated how unlucky it is sometimes to play this game I love so much.

My Team:
QB: Wentz
RB: Bell
RB: Hunt
WR: Baldwin
WR: Thielen
FLex: Kamara
TE: Hooper this week
K: Sucoop
Def: Stream but Currently I have Pitt

CJ Anderson
IR: Greg Olsen

feel for you man im not the highest scoring team but i have had the most points scored against me ive lost two matches by less then 5 points im currently 4-6 after i just had back top back wins while swinging for the fences i played mcown montgomery celek and jets def this week lol it worked ive been the fantasy reaper this year drafted DJ injured traded for monty injured picked up kelly injured picked up clay injured traded for zeke suspension lastly traded for fuller and watson goes down within the hour of the trade thats how mines went still in the fight tho one win out playing the guys im chasing this week and next still in the fight lol

I feel for you man. I just lost this week as the 2nd highest scorer. Opponent put up 152 (had D. Murray, M. Ingram, R. Woods) and I put up 130 (with Wentz and Ertz on Bye). Next closest score was 90! So I’m a little on tilt right now too. However, your team is stacked and you will be fine. You have a ton of talent and things will swing your way sooner or later. Me on the other hand, my starting RBs in the aforementioned league were Zeke, Montgomery and Cook. Ugh…

Same boat. I was top 3 or 4 in points scored last 3 weeks and I lost all 3 and I am 4-6. I am 3rd in points for - 2nd place only has 5 more points. I am also 1st in points against.