I know I need help at QB, but thoughts on my squad otherwise?

Have some work to do at QB, but I don’t think I’m as bad as my Yahoo grade would indicate. If going off this sites top 200, I have 5 guys ranked in the top 23 and 10 in the top 65, but I’m projected dead last in my 10-team, .5 ppr league. Any thoughts on my team? Thanks in advance.

QB - Palmer
RB - Crowell, Lynch, Powell, Ingram, Woodhead, Peterson
WR - AB, M. Thomas (12th round keeper), Maclin, Garcon, Thielen
TE - Gronk
D - Carolina
K - Janikowski

I’d make some moves for some RB’s. Trade for a ‘sure-thing’ RB.

Thank for the response. I agree that a stud RB would be nice. The problem was, I felt compelled to take AB in the first (2nd pick, DJ kept) and by the time I came back around, the RB1’s had been picked pretty clean. Bell, McCoy, Free, Demarco, Zeke, Ajayi, McCaffrey and Hyde had been drafted, and DJ, Gordon, Howard and Gurley were keepers. That’s 12 off the board before I even had a chance.

I thought I couldn’t pass on Gronk at 19 (which is more like 25-26 because of keepers), which left me picking from Crowell, Miller and the remaining rookies as my first RB selection (Crowell), and then hoping for the best at 39 and 42 (Lynch, Powell).

I stocked up in the mid rounds for security, so it really would be nice to turn two (Lynch, Ingram?) into one true RB1.