I know it is big pieces, but everyone would give up Shady to get Kamara right?

What is the footclan opinion

No, and its not really close in my opinion. That’s some major major recency bias going on because Shady just had his worst week. Shady is a top 5 back in PPR. Kamara is an RB2 with RB1 potential. But Kamara still splits touches with Ingram, and is out touched by Ingram every week (except for this week they had the same I think). I would rather have Ingram than Kamara actually, although both are great to own. The only backs I take over Shady ROS are Bell, Hunt, Fournette, and I think that’s it actually (no Zeke because I’m assuming suspension)

what about hunt for kamara?

maybe I could get another piece

No, Kamara isn’t a top tier back…so straight up would be dumb in my opinion (although I will grant you that Hunt isn’t quite on the level that we thought he was in the beginning of the season). I truly don’t think Kamara is a true RB1. He still splits carries with Ingram…and is always outtouched by Ingram week in and week out

I own kamara. If the shady owner offered me this trade I would accept and feel like I won that trade