I know this is impossible, but gut feeling?

Flex one full PPR:

Rod Smith
Jonathan Stewart
Kerwyn Williams

Safest? Biggest boom?

No hard feelings, gut feelings welcome :slight_smile:

Kerwynn is probably the safest. He guaranteed volume, but he hasn’t had a touch down for a couple of weeks. Mean while J Stew is coming off a huge week and has a good match up against GB. J Stew has received a lot of goal line work this year so I think he has the most upside. And Rod Smith is still the change of pace back for me in the Cowboys system, his big plays give him the potential to blow up, but I think Morris is still their guy and that hurts his chances.

Williams is best choice. Stewart workload unlikely to repeat last week and mccaffery handle passing for rb. Smith is a real wildcard with Dak back on his game.

Williams definitely. Jstew could be good considering green bay’s record in the red zone, but Williams is the safest.

Just to put myself on record. I talked myself into R Smith. Here’s my gut feeling why:

Since Zeek left, Rod smith first 2 games did nothing but also neither did A Morris or the offense at all. Now the O line is back and offense on track. I’m PPR and R Smith gets some good passing opportunities and goal line work. I also think Dallas takes the lead in this one. Also I’m playing Dak, so I double down there. Finally, I just kinda want to take a swing with R Smith before zeek comes back (just because :stuck_out_tongue:) Last three games without zeek (not counting two terrible first games with o line/ offense problems): ~13/~9/~33

K Williams: He is the guy. Unlike R Smith no one is stealing his carries. However, I see less from the offense here and his real opportunity to find the end zone (and lower over/under)I don’t doubt his floor is a bit safer, but think his ceiling might be 12 vs R Smith ceiling 20+. Last in games with AP out he has ~9/~9. And done not much this season.

Conclusion: I think R Smith is better player on better offense, despite splitting carries, with higher upside. So I’ll play my Dak/R Smith to swing for the fences and do a lot of praying with full knowledge that it might be an A Morris game :smiley:

If you listen to this and go down with me, I apologize and hope you give me the same gut feeling as I gave you all :slight_smile: