I listened to Andy

I spent FAAB on Jermaine Kearse, I a couple leagues. Despite the high price I paid, is he worth holding on to at all?

WIth Matthews going to NYJ, nope. Don’t get stuck in the sunk cost fallacy.


Jets WRs are dead to me

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Apparently the dud on Kearse was because he wasn’t playing from the slot in that game which is what everyone was hyped for. Matthews going to NYJ actually works out for Kearse. Either way, I don’t care for the Jets WRs.

Either way. Darnold’s completion percentage is terrible and they spread the ball around. Even the “good” options there are maxing out at maybe a TD and low yardage.

Yeah, I’m thinking I’m just going to take the loss. The league where I spent the most is a 12 team 3Wr plus flex, which sparked my interest. Oh well