I lost AB, who next for the finals?

Standard League.

Current Team is:
QB: ARod, Goff
WR: Julio, AB, Baldwin, Gordon
RB: Gurley, McCoy, Zeke, Drake, Ajayi
TE: Walker, Olsen, Rudolph (only had him for the week and forgot to drop him)
K: Zuerlein
D/ST: Jaguars

Do you think I’m fine with the Wide Receivers I have? I was thinking of picking up Robert Woods for next week against the Titans Secondary.
Or should I stick with Gordon or Baldwin? Baldwin has been so unpredictable and Gordon doesn’t have the best matchups. I’m playing Julio for sure.

i’m targeting woods but i’m also debating K. Cole as I now have a second spot I can swap out. He’s a bit high risk (ranked like 70 last week) but he’s on like 3 or 4 weeks of 12 points plus.