I Lost Kittle, Now Need Advice

Hey guys, I just lost Kittle for the year with the foot injury and need some advice. Should I look to trade for TE or go for the waivers?

My team so far
RBs: CMC, Sanders, Hunt, Taylor, Gibson, and Gaskins
WRs: Golladay, Godwin, McLaurin, AJ brown, Moore, and Claypool.

Waivers available: Hooper, Ebron, Graham, Burton, Tonyon, and Higbee

I have a potential trade partner for Hockenson because he has Hock, Waller, and Fant. He’s asking for a RB in return.

What should I do?

I’d say just do what everyone else does, stream the tight ends, you’ve got amazing depth at both WR and RB that can make up for TE points, not to mention i don’t think a TE is ever worth a workhorse back unless its Kelce or Kittle. Chances might be he even ends up dropping one of Fant or TJ

Hey @fer1rosario1998 He also has Kennan Allen, what would you think of packaging taylor and Godwin for Allen and Hockenson? Better deal or still just go steam route?

I would do that if only because you’re getting rid of an injury WR in Godwin and getting Allen. I’m one of the few maybe that isn’t completely sold on Taylor either and you can afford to let him go because all your other RBs are workhorses. Me personally I’d try to get Fant over TJ but that’s personal preference.

@fer1rosario1998 How does Taylor/Godwin for Fant/Allen sound?

I’d say send it, and if you really don’t want to give up Taylor offer up Gibson first maybe and then Gaskins and then Taylor, but even if you need to give up Taylor I feel like you’re getting a big upgrade at TE and WR

How would you rate my RBs ROS? Because I’m so frustrated with Taylor that I’d go Gaskins, Gibson, then Taylor. This could just be recency bias, but I feel like if Taylor was gonna live up to his potential this he he’d done it by now. That’s why I’m ok with parting with him. Your thoughts?

From best to worst, I’d say CMC, Hunt, Sanders, Gaskins, and a toss up of Gibson and Taylor. However if Taylor does start to see more work I’d definitely have him as the 3rd best option out of your RBs

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Thanks for the help. I appreciate it!

Hooper is a great stream candidate down the stretch. Might not be useful to you this week if he doesn’t go.