I lost mckinnon

I lost mckinnon. Have david Johnson, lynch, breida, rob kelly, Wilkins. Gronk and kittle. Landry Tate robbie Anderson, cobb, and hurns. Who do i drop?? Not kittle he’s my insurance for gronk. I have a trade offer for gronk i would receive mike evens and choice of rb kerryon, engram, burkhead… what do i do

Drop Kelly. Easy.

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you don’t think ap will go down early?

im dropping wilkins. his road to success for the season starts with him getting lucky and other guys getting, or staying hurt. and with you trading gronk for evans and (the guy i would go for) kerryon, your RBs get better anyway. i agree that kelly is the next best drop though. he is just insurance if AP goes down. but probably wont matter either way since neither one of them will be worth what kerryon will be so the chances of you useing them is slim after this trade.

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The right answer is to drop kittle, and if Gronkowski goes down you stream.

The least wrong answer is to drop Kelly.


Drop either Kelly or Kittle. Unless you’re in a 2 TE league Kittle is still a matchup play.

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No. If Ap goes down, there’s still perine. Most likely scenario is its some disgusting committee between the 4. Only one with a defined role worth owning is CT.

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why are you dropping someone? losing mckinnon and having a bunch of players doesnt = drop someone.


I’m assuming he needs to get a K or DST ahead of the week.

no its for the trade he just worded it weird. if he lost mckinnon then he would have a free spot anyway unless he keeps him for some league setting reason.

If that is the case, HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO to that trade.

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you wouldnt do that? im doing that so fast. he needs another WR really damn bad, plus he gets another RB to work with. gronk isnt worth a fringe WR1 WR2, and an RB2. especially once he gets hurt cause, thats coming. or at least there is a HIGH chance of it.

what @MikeMeUpp said,

Gronk for Mike Evans and a RB (Kerryon, Ingram or Burkhead) is a one sided trade for the person getting Gronk. We are all aware of the risk entailed when drafting Gronk but the reward is far greater imo. Hang on to Gronk, you can work with that receiving core.

Don’t trade gronk. Bad move man.


I am probably as high on Gronk as anyone of these forums and about as low on Evans as anyone can be on these forums. I think Gronk is going to be a league winner this year and is definitely going to carry teams through the first 3-4 weeks. I think the positional advantage of having Gronk on a points per game basis is irreplaceable. Personally, I wasn’t willing to draft Evans until at least later in the 4th round. And all those RBs he listed have a lot of question marks come season long and are probably mid round draft capital. Gronk to me, is worth a late 2nd every day of the week. ADP doesn’t matter once the season starts, but given games have yet to be played, I think it’s still a decent gauge for value which is why I pass on that trade. Personally think you can do better than Evans if you really want to trade gronk. Can actually get a true mid-low WR1.

Evans is a volume guy, and I don’t see him getting the volume he needs to actually make an impact. I’m into Godwin, don’t think he takes over but I think he puts a huge dent into Evan’s market share given he is a possession style receiver. Not to mention you got Brate and Howard vulturing TDs. I just don’t see Evans getting nearly enough volume for him to be a WR1 this season. One positive is that team sucks, so the passing script will be there.

This is one of the opinions I actually feel pretty strongly about. Regardless of whether or not Jameis is there.

EDIT: One thing to note is, people forget that Gronk used to be a 1st round pick. He’s always had injury risk, nothings really changed. If you stack up his points, I honestly think he has a pretty good shot at finishing as like top 5 WR in scoring.

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Even if he does, Kelley has minimal value

Disagree. I think his path to success is being better than Marlon Mack, and that’s not a particularly high bar.

This was my point exactly. No one in that backfield is worth the headache outside of CT.

AP is, but yea, after that, it’s ugly.

im not high on evans, but i am low on gronk. im not going to have a guy on my team that is made out of paper like gronk. sure, first 4 weeks are going to rock cause gronk is the real deal. but after that, once the injuries start rolling in… man a guy cant help me on the IR. then evans looks much better even if he only gets 1 catch for 1 yard every week. still better than 0 from gronk. if gronk makes it the whole year, yeah its not a good trade. but are you really confident he will make it that long? im not confident he makes it past week 7. and volume or not, evans is a 1000 yard receiver. he will be just fine.