I love you all, really, but post your damn team and rules in your question

Lots of answers we might have might not be good enough if we don’t know pertinent facts:

  1. How many teams in the league?
  2. PPR? 0.5PPR?
  3. Keeper? Dynasty?
  4. Weird rules? 2 QB? 8-man bench?
  5. Your roster. You might not need that trade if we know you already have good WR depth.

All advice will be better if we have this info, and we won’t have to take up time asking you. I literally just looked at 5 posts and thought “Wow, I wish I knew if s/he already had a stud RB,” or, “This might be good if it’s a full PPR league.”

In fact, wouldn’t it be cool if there were just some dropdowns with basic info that we could populate for each post? A guy can dream…

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