I love you Bobby Wagner

So there I was, 7-5 in 6th place going against the 7th place team (also 7-5), winner gets the last playoff spot… I started Seattle’s D/ST this week since they were playing the 2nd best college football team in the country… Started Matt Ryan, Michael Thomas, and Tyreek Hill, who all pooped in their pants… It wasn’t looking good.

All my players and all my opponents players were done for the day and I was trailing 101.85-108.20… and then BOOM! Bobby Wagner picks Deer in headlights Mullins and takes it to the house! Plus the sack on the last play of the game to keep the 48ers (they’re not good enough to be 49ers). out of the end zone and gave me a 110.85-108.20 victory and a spot in the playoffs!!

Corey Davis’ late TD also saved me, so I love him too but not as much as Wagner. LOL

I was at the Seahawks game too which just made it even sweeter!