I’m 4-0 now!

Alvin Kamara saved me again

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Mark Ingram is back wonder if that will eat into the fantasy production

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It probably will but he’s so good he’ll most likely keep putting up big numbers

Ingram will help keep Kamara healthy and increase his odds of making it through the whole season. I think it’s overall better for Kamara that Ingram is back. Plus, Payton lets Kamara vulture Ingram TD opps all the time anyway. Makes Ingram do all the work and then gives the glory to Kamara lol. Think Payton has him on his fantasy team.


If he does I’d hope he gives him all the TDs they score lmao

What do you guys think about me selling AP or Ridley and Edelman and combination of the 3 for a better WR? Who should I go after that would be realistic and seem like a good fair trade?

It’ll prob require targeting a badly hurting team with just 1 or 2 stars which would benefit from a few very solid players in exchange for 1 top tier-ish one.

You should be able to get at least consideration, from a struggling squad, for some of these that come to mind:

Cooks, Landry, K Allen, JuJu, Davanta Adams, Evans, Corey Davis, T Hill, Hopkins (maybe), Julio (maybe), Thielen/Diggs (long shot), Jeffery, OBJ maybe.

However, Ridley and Edelman are both candidates to have a ROS looking more like a WR1. I’m not sure at 4-0 I’d do anything with these guys unless it’s really one you can’t turn down. And make sure it’s a WR on a team that has a good schedule later in the season who also will be contending for the playoffs and looking to play hard through the whole regular season.

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Oh also think AJ Green is possible.

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U think hill would be a good target? And if so would it be fair??

not sure without seeing rest of your team

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