I’m 4-4 should I trade for hunt? Thoughts please

I’m currently 4-4. I love my team but feel I need running back because of injuries.
Qb Brees
Rb m Gordon
Rb Sony
Wr Hopkins
Wr diggs
Wr k Allen
Te njoku
Flex j Gordon
Jalen reshard
John brown
R Fitzpatrick
This is my team. I have been talking to the Karem hunt owner. He wants diggs. And is thinking about taking him strat up for him. Should I throw something else in? Should I sit tight and wait for my guys to come back. I like my team but Can’t afford to keep losing

It is a full ppr

He wants Diggs for Hunt straight up? I would take that all day.

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He said he is really thinking about it. Should I throw something else in?

If he’s willing to do that trade then you shouldn’t really need anything else. If he is on the fence, then see if you can throw in Jalen so he’s getting RB depth back. Then pick up a useful WR on waivers.

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Thanx alot

Yeah for real. Get this done for sure and get Hunt