I’m freaking torn

Guys, I’ve loved your collective insight so far, so I have a new question: Am I crazy or does this years running back class just not feel as juicy as last year? Especially now that guice is down? Idk, I just don’t have “that guy” I’m sold on. Last year I knew in my fantastical football heart that Hunt, Fournette, and cook would be very good. I also knew that mccafery and kamara had a chance and they outperformed (more kamara in that regard) but damn I just don’t feel it with these guys. I absolutely loved penny in colllege. Loved him, and swore I’d draft him, but is this the best situation for him? I want to like Ronald Jones but again, is this the best situation? It feels like last year rbs fell to the right team. Maybe that’s more of my thought. Am I wrong?

It’s not you, last year Fournette, McCaffrey and Cook we’re all favorites to be the RB1 on their teams. This year only Barkley stands out, the rest might be good (or better) but the expectations aren’t there

If you combined the classes, based on my pre-draft and preseason opinions about them, I’d have ranked them like this:

  1. Barkley
  2. Guice
  3. CMC
  4. Cook
  5. Fornette
  6. Chubb
  7. Freeman
  8. Kamara
  9. Kerryon
  10. Hunt

This one of the most if not the most talented RB classes I have ever seen. Guice going down sucks for sure but you still got Barkley, Chubb, Freeman, Kerryon, Penny.

Looking at it from a pre-season perspective cause you can’t really look backwards, Kamara/Hunt never would’ve had a chance without injuries/trades. But from a pre-season to pre-season comparison, this year is still more talented to me. Theres a couple guys in similar situations to Kamara last year (Chubb, Kerryon) who can still emerge as the lead once the season starts.

I wouldn’t be so fast to write the class off.

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i know what you mean. i was sold on fournette, cook, CMC to an extent, and hunt. im only really sold on barkley this year not including guice, but he is injured. the situations vary. penny is in a good situation for volume, but his o line is garbage. ROJO has the skillset to be great, but there is that twinge of doubt that comes with him even if you do believe in him. chubb and michel landed in bad spots for fantasy football, and then kerryon i do love but its like christmas… i have to wait for that present. then freeman i actually do like where he landed. im just not a huge believer in his talent. i think he will be fine there. where last year you had all these talents go to great places for them. so i dont think you are crazy to feel it.

I’d suggest you go take another look at Freeman. He’s a mature, savy runner, and his athletic comp is Stephen Jackson. Really the only concern is how much tred is left in his tires.

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i have taken a lot of looks at freeman. im never truly impressed. or i guess i shouldnt say that, im never blown away. at least when it comes to how his skillset transfers to the NFL. i think he will be a serviceable RB who moves the chains for you. i mean it quite literally when i say im not a HUGE believer in his talent. im a believer, just not a oh my god he is sooo good kinda guy you know? its not a knock on him, its just how i view his skills being in the NFL. because steven jackson isnt a bad comp honestly. about 4 YPC, not a ton of TDs, decent in receptions. if they give him the workload i think he could very well be a mini jackson. stats wise i mean.

Other than Fournette, who was this really true for if you think back on it? It’s only after the season that many of those landing spots became favorable. If you really think about it, pre-season vs pre-season, I find this year to be very comparable if not better. CMAC went to a team with JStew who everyone knew would vulture all the goaline work and about 150-200 carries which is what he did. But CMac outperformed by becoming a PPR machine. Kamara went to a horrible situation in an RBBC which is why people barely drafted him in redraft (much like Chubb and Kerryon). Hunt went to a situation where he was the clear backup with Ware coming off a great season. Took an injury to start. Cook went to a situation much like penny where everything thought he was behind one of the leagues WORST offenses, still had the “freak” athelete in McKinnon AND they brought in Murray who would undoubtedly vulture goaline work which Penny doesn’t have to worry about.

I think you guys are letting yourselves be distorted by revisionist history. Hindsight is always 20/20, you need to look at this from the lens of pre-season vs pre-season. For example, if gurley goes down tomorrow and John Kelly takes over, I bet you’d be looking at this class as a stud class yet again with Kelly being this years Hunt. Or when KJ or Chubb eventually takes over that backfield like Kamara. Even with the Guice injury, I see this class as much more promising and talented that prior year.

I’d say that’s definitely true of Kamara

fournette and cook i both said last year landed in great spots to start now. and DFWB and i had this discussion many times last year about hunt and how i thought his landing spot was perfect. i thought it was going to take a few weeks, just like kamara. it just happened to be that an injury sped up the process. so sure, you could say hindsight 20 20. except i have been saying it very publicly for over a year now. CMCs PPR was why i was sold on him to an extent. again, i said last year that if it was just cam not having anyone to throw to, CMC could be a pleasant surprise. so its not hindsight 20 20. these are things i said last year.

Well what I’m saying is you actually don’t know what would have happened if ware never got injured. You’re just speculating. For all we know, if ware didn’t get injured, they could be in a 50/50 or 60/40 time split. And hunt wouldn’t be this Phenom that we would all be talking about. Could’ve just been another Tevin Coleman. We all saw that Hunt needs volume to crush. He needs the 25-30 touches. When he didn’t get that, i.e. the 5 weeks in the middle, he puts up very mediocre numbers. So it’s easy to say now that yeah injury only sped it up cause we got to see the talent but who the hell knows what actually would’ve happened. That’s revisionist history.

Kamara I could see it. Everyone saw the talent but when he first landed, the situation wasn’t the greatest. They just signed AP and most couldn’t really foresee them trading AP mid season. Sure maybe you’re the one guy that’s been calling it before others but on average, that was not the sentiment.

And I can make similar arguments for this year. KJ is clearly the best talent on that squad. I love his situation but he will take a few weeks to get there as well. He’s clearly more talented than everyone else in that roster even though it’s a crowded backfield.

Post-draft, Kerryon and Chubb I think are solid selections and I think Freeman might be right up there. In general, though, I agree that much of the talent I liked pre-draft went to places that made me cry. But I do not believe all is lost!

Except I did say it was favorable. Sure, we dont know what would have happened. But you’re saying I didn’t know. No one knows until it happens. But the point was what I believed to be true this time last year. And what I believed to be true, was that hunt landed in a good spot for him and he would take over. It’s not a matter of what did happen, but what we felt was going to happen this time last year vs this year. That’s what the OP was about. How we saw things this year vs last. It has nothing to do with what actually happened. You’re making a case like I’m saying I KNEW that they would all do well. That’s not what this is about. It’s all about our perceptions this year vs last. So I’m not wrong. How I felt about last years draft class vs this years is very different.

Fair enough.

Guess we disagree on the perception of situations this year. Last year, I loved the talent of Hunt and Kamara, thought situations were good, not great. Feel similar about lot of the guys this year except I like the talent more this year.

Dont get me wrong, I love the talent this year. It’s the situations I’m not in love with for most any of them. Barkley, guide, penny, rojo, kerryon… all talents I believe in. Same for chubb and michel too. I’m just not in love with their situations. So it is just the perception that we disagree on. We all live and die on these hills we build for players. Sometimes we just dont see eye to eye on it, and only the season will call us true or not. I just see a bunch of RB2s this year, where last year I saw a bunch of RB1s. Not in talent, in opportunity. Opportunity is king in fantasy football. Skill enhances those opportunities to me. Eh, I’m starting to get a little too philosophical here so I’ll leave it at that. I just dont feel as Rosey this year as I did last.

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