I’m looking to join a dynasty start up

I’m looking to join a dynasty start up any availability anywhere?

Did you find one? If you’re still looking, I have a startup league and I need one more, if you’re interested!

Im interested if you haven’t found the one yet! leviolivieri11 on sleeper

I think you’re already included @levio3035 ! It’s the post called “2022 Dynasty Startup”. I still need one more!

@mjbdogg13 we actually just filled the league, my apologies!

DM me on sleeper. @ESAW. got a new start up going

Trying to start dynasty league for inexperienced owners like myself.

Thoughts on initial format:
SF, PPR, 1.5 TEP, 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 SF.

Offline, slow draft. Sleeper, leaguesafe.

Alot of rules/settings will be up to a vote.

If interested, please comment or DM me: Year(s) of redraft/keeper experience, year(s) of dynasty experience, favorite non-traditional Olympic sport, and sleeper username.

Any questions are welcome.


Sounds like a good setup. May have more experience than you are looking for though.

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I am interested in a dynasty start up. I have only played a couple years of redraft fantasy and my league was not good at communicating or responding to trades etc. So I don’t have a ton of experience but I like playing fantasy being active and making moves.

My sleeper name is travbob.

I Believe Olympic tug of war should be brought back.

Let me know if you got a spot!

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How much experience?

sent invite via sleeper

Awesome ! I have played 2 years of redraft and did a redraft/keeper league last year.

4 redraft. 3 dynasty.

leagues or years? If years, how many dynasty teams have you owned?

50$ buy in 25$ deposit. Leagesafe

Hey there, I’m interested if you still have spots?
The last six years I’ve played redraft, and last year we had 2 keepers.
Never played in a dynasty league.

Sleeper name FlyingScotsman

Olympic sport… tossing the caber!!

Sounds like fun!

Im a long time redraft manager (probably 10ish years), but have done almost none on keeper/dynasty. Did my first dynasty startup draft a year ago, trying to find a second really good dynasty league.

I love watching all the track and field stuff. Wish we could get Tyreek and DK to participate in the sprints!

Sleeper - schmalz07

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I will IM you on sleeper

Looking to start up a money dynasty league. The purpose of this league will be to find good fantasy players to move up into our bigger money leagues. Plan is to have a smaller buy in for this league. Maybe like $10-$15. It’s going to be a 10 team superflex. Anyone is welcomed to join. Weather you’re really experienced, wanting to try dynasty for the first time, or a beginner. Let me know if you’re interested and if we get enough people to join we can get this off the ground.