I’m on the qb Hunt now

I was a Watson owner and have garappolo. Someone’s offering Cam Newton for either Jay Ajayi or DeMarco Murray, would you trade off either one for him?

Need the help here please. I picked up mccown to have a guy on my roster for now. But wanna know about the trade

Don’t freak out and kill your flex roster. Stream the waiver if you have to. It’s doable.

McCown’s done well for me since I lost Rodgers, stream him this week and see what you can get or trade for next week

Lol yeah I’m freaking out right now. I’m 4th in the league and can push up to 2nd if I win this week. If I lose I could fall to 7th depending on matchups.

Who is on the waiver at qb?

As of right now my roster stands at

Josh mccown
Kareem Hunt
Doug Martin
Will fuller
Sterling shepherd
Evan Engram
Christian McCaffrey
Greg zuerlein

Jimmy Garappolo
Jay Ajayi
DeMarco Murray
Brandin Cooks
Chris hogan
Devin Funchess

Jared Goff is still out there on waivers

See if you can sell hogan or cooks for someone with two solid QBs. Do you ever play them the same week anyways? Isn’t it though to decide which one to play?

Just roll with Goff imo! Decent and mostly consistent talent in a good offense.

Mccown has been pretty good over the passed four weeks, even with no real weapons. That’s what made me pick him over Goff.

Your call really.