I’m starting the Giants

Making a balls call. My balls are telling me you can never go wrong vs a freshly added 3rd string qb behind a depleted OL. Let’s go Giants!

After reading this I’m starting the Giants as well, I had them and dropped them and now have them in there again haha. Let’s go NYG

My motto…“Listen to your balls”

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F**k the gut. Go with your balls.

Lmao. Best advice ever. I’m also going giants this week.

Niice move in the forum @Caveman45 I started Giants man damn did it feel good! Thank you bro can wait to hear kore advice from you in the next two weeks! @Caveman45 #gowithyourballs

are the boys telling you to start Jax next week???

Ha! Glad it worked out man. Hope you won. I’m going to be beaten by the top scorer of the week. I’ll hang around to chat these last two weeks tho.

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I would’ve said find the skins next two opponents and prioritize that defense, whatever defense that may be, above any waiver option… if they didn’t bring in the dang QB that started moving the ball so well at the end.

Nevertheless yes, Jax would be a very good play next week. Skins are the wounded and any fantasy predator will hunt them down these next two weeks.

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Congrats, way to GWYB!! I really considered it myself but went with the Bills, missed it by one letter! Plays like yours win superbowls.

Oh no, you’re gonna be out this weekend? Sorry to hear, man. Did you have one of the flukes of the week? Like Fournette, AB, Kenny G?

I said screw it, I put a claim in for Jax. AP can’t run for 238 and 4 TDs, right? RIGHT??

We have crazy point multipliers. Two things really suck for me…

  1. I practically traded teams with that guy lol. Put my money on MT and Brees being a league winning combo

  2. Had I lost last week, I would’ve played someone that I would’ve destroyed today. It was a potential win or be left out for me though.

That’s fantasy tho; you just never know.

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So you’re saying there’s still a chance!

I’m afraid it’s over pal. All over but the crying.