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I may be worried about my RB corps


Should I be worried about the backs I have? I had the 4th pick in a 12 team… AB came to me in the 1st… By the time my second pick came up it was Gurley or M. Thomas… and I had to have Michael Thomas. So I drafted Fournette and Cook 3rd and 4th… Followed by the other backs on the roster…

There is a WR needy team in my league with D. Murray and Melvin Gordon… Thinking of offering him something like Cook/Maclin for Murray… something along those lines.


Andy Dalton,
Leonard Fournette,
Ameer Abdullah
Antonio Brown
Michael Thomas
Tyler Eifert
Dalvin Cook
Dustin Hopkins
Donte Moncrief
Jeremy Maclin
BChris Hogan
Marvin Jones
Duke Johnson Jr.


If I have melvin and murray the trade would have to include AB or Michael Thomas plus 1


I would say Murray for Thomas straight up is fair… AB is another level then Murray… He’d have to pay me Murray plus 1.


It might work but I think the Footballers gave some pointers on making trades and I think they said make your best offer first and offer more than you’ll receive. Since he’s giving up a RB1 I would offer up M.Thomas plus cook or duke.

I’m not so high on cook so I wouldn’t miss him but your mileage may vary.

I also like making deals so by doing a 2 for 1 deal I free up a spot and I can get someone off waivers like Rex Burkhead or Kenny Golladay AKA Kenny G or wendell smallwood


Yeah massively disagree. Offering more than you’ll receive aka trying to lose a trade sounds like very poor advice.

Here’s some legit analysis: The truth is that having Fournette, Abdullah and Cook as your top three rbs is actually pretty solid, especially when paired with your stud wrs. All of those guys have rb1 upside. But they do also all carry some bust potential. The problem is that you then kept drafting wrs instead of addressing rb depth. Your 4th and only other rb is Duke Johnson; unless this is a ppr he’s highly unlikely to be fantasy relevant.

You need to shed some of these bench wrs for rb depth. You can try Cook and Maclin for Murray but that’s a very poor deal for the Murray owner and I doubt he’ll go for it. More realistically you should be seeing if you can trade your plethora of bench wrs for a legit rb4, or simply take a look at the waiver wire.


Hey @Kaiser first of all love the different viewpoint but my angle is to get a top gun you gotta give up a top gun + 1 and I’d be worried with andy’s rb’s.

Here’s my list of worries:

  1. Plays for Jags and their offense sounds like it will be terrible.
  2. Couldn’t stay healthy in college and already has foot problems.
  3. With The Garbage man (Bortles) at the helm of this offense wouldn’t that lead to stacked boxes?
  4. If games get out of hand in the first half like it did last year will he get enough touches to make an impact or given his injury history will the Jags sit him for the third and fourth quarters of blowouts
  5. He’s a rookie RB on a terrible team


  1. Plays on team that had problems running the ball and I don’t think they improved the o-line.
  2. L.Murray is going to take away carries and has been a goal line vulture
  3. He’s a rookie RB


  1. Injury prone
  2. Fumble problems have been his MOA since Nebraska

So given all of that and the depth of WR talent on his team why not attempt a trade including one of the top WR’s with a RB to get Melvin or Demarco?

And for your RB4 recommendation who would you target?

I would say that my analysis has been thought out quite extensively and I even gave names of players probably on the waiver wire that might produce this season so looking forward to your response!


League is a 12-Team .5ppr

@reid_saito I see what you are saying… Still think that’s to much to offer… I like the upside of Cook.

@Kaiser I may look into the RB4 advice…

Thanks gents. All sound. I think I am tinkering to much prior to the season… I am nervous about my RB Corps but at this point I think I am going to wait and see…


Yeah honestly I think that’s the best bet. The last thing you want to do is panic and end up worse off. And Duke is ok but not great in a 1/2 ppr format. Probably the best advice is to know that you do have potential rb depth issues and so focus on that position when scouting the waiver wire early this season.


The only way I’d give up AB + 1 is if I’m getting David Johnson or Lev Bell in return. I would not give up that much for Melvin Gordon.


I could write an essay but I’ll keep it brief. Our friend doesn’t have the best rbs in his league but he almost certainly has the best wr duo, which is great for him, particularly since this is a 1/2 ppr format. If he follows your advice he improves his rbs at the cost of completely screwing himself at wr2 and wr depth. Yes these rbs have some flaws but so does everyone outside of the first round. That includes Demarco Murray, who is an aging running back with Derrick Henry breathing down his back. We can’t all draft David Johnson.

Despite the fact that he lacks a stud rb (because he drafted 2 stud wrs), he has 3 rbs that among them have very high upside and relatively safe floors. At the end of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if two of these guys were considered stud rbs. I would be extremely happy to start my draft with those 5 guys. I just think things went awry after that.

In terms of rb4 recommendations, that’s a rather fruitless enterprise. I don’t know the content of his waiver wire or his leaguemates’ rosters. In terms of a trade, he’d be looking at someone in the opposite position, with wr issues but depth at rb, and trying to make a mutually beneficial trade by exchanging depth.


Hey @Kaiser come on man drop a few RB4 recommendations, I’m here to discuss, learn and grow as a FF player. The more info you provide it will help me become stronger. I hope to gain insight into how you think and manage a roster as I may go up against someone of your ilk in one of my leagues!

It would be awesome if you could let us know who from your RB4 grouping would be possible trade or waiver wire target.

I got a lot of the same players on my bench and similar-ish situations where RB help would be a good thing so I’m wondering things like, “Is picking up Jamal Charles a good idea?” “is trading for Sproles a good idea?” “Should I really have Burkhead on all of my teams?”

I found this link (for PPR) but has a lot of good info on undervalued RB’s and I think it would apply greatly to this discussion even if the thinking is for .5 PPR:


Awry? haha. Come on… Duke Johnson in the 13th round. That’s value all day… I don’t think you need the 1. 2. punch with 1 stud rb and 1 stud wr. I say if you can get two top wrs in a ppr league do it.

this is a 12 team league with rather good players… So the waiver is empty… Paul Perkins is the best guy on the Waiver for rbs. Rex is there but no way I’m going to touch Pats backfield.

I’m good just going to ride it out…


I honestly like this starting squad. I do agree the bench is lacking a decent RB4. Duke is eh, but I think you could probably trade Maclin and Eifert for like a Tevin Coleman or Theo Riddick and then stream a TE. I’m relatively inexperienced, but this is how I would approach the team. Maclin and Eifert have some good hard sell pitches with the TDs for Eifert and the new team for Maclin.