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I may have joined the worst league ever


I have joined a 1/2 pt ppr 14 team auction draft league with keepers. It’s 20 years old which is great and I committed before asking enough questions. Here’s the details: 8 starting spots QB, RB, WR/T, Flex, Flex, Flex, DT, K and
I got grandfathered a couple of keepers which I’m happy enough with (Matt Ryan for 8$, Melvin Gordon for 33$, Moncrief 3$)

How in the world do I budget for the other 15 spots? All of them have to be filled at the draft with the amount I have left 156$.

HELP! I’m so screwed… (one of these guys has David Johnson for 14$ and stefon diggs for 8$ because of their keeper rules…)



18 spots with $200 is a little much. You’re going to have to bargain hunt and hope you hit some some cheap fliers. In auction leagues, you could try and score D. Martin (if he isn’t a keeper) for $8 and take DMC for $6-$8 and once the suspensions all play out, you have your RB 2 for $14. And I’d shop for the guys you can get cheap and hope they pan out or unseat the starters (Joe Williams - SF / Kareem Hunt - KC).


Very easy to do.

Qb-matt Ryan
Wr/T- go Wr and spend $50 should be able to get aj green… If not split this up $25 and $25 and get a Baldwin and demaryius thomas
Flex-go RB and spend $50 should be able to get a demarco Murray or something alittle better.
Flex-go best available and spend $30… Maybe gronk here or fornette. Or mccafeey
Bench 1-5. ($3 a piece for a total of $15)
Bench 6-10 ($1 a piece for $5


Excellent! Yeah that looks good. I know myself, if I don’t go with a plan I will spend 120$ on Bell or something ridiculous and dumb like that.