I might be losing it

I’ve got the 4th in a 12 team full PPR 3WR 1 flex league.

I had been planning on taking saquon but I’m starting to get nervous. If Kamara gets pass 3 I’ll gladly take him and this isn’t a question. Buuuut if it goes CMC, Cook, Kamara, i feel like I need to call my shot on JT. I truly think he can finish as a top 2 rb. The best OL, good D, and mediocre QB has been the recipe for top 3 RBs for years.

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If you believe in Taylor I recommend doing it. I’ve said it before and will say it again, I’ll much rather be burned on a pick because I was wrong than because I didn’t follow my process and missed my guy.

I wouldn’t be taking him there, but again I stress I’ll rather lose with my picks than roll out a consensus squad that is runner up.


If this is redraft I’d definitely pull the trigger on JT over Barkley. Dynasty probably not as easy a call.

Reducing risky picks in the first round (especially in the top half) is probably a solid strategy - Saquon has probably the higher PPR ceiling, but also a lower floor in my mind because I’m not sure he can be trusted to stay healthy.

Plus Saquon has a tough RB schedule, and the incoming of Booker and Golladay might reduce the opportunities and potential targets.

TJ is a freak too though with a cake SoS - so it’s not like you are choosing a scrub. Anything can happen, but I would personally feel more comfortable taking TJ at the 4 vs Saquon.

Good luck!

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If this is redraft, I would take Henry over Barkley and JT. I would strongly consider Henry over Kamara as well.

Henry is still going to see a workload and now with AJB & Julio in town, defenses cant just stack the box against him. His rushing lanes will open up and he gets an extra game this year.

I understand it is hard to repeat as the RB1, but Henry is set up to repeat.

In Dnynasty, I would prefer JT because of being on a better offense, no injury history (yet, of course), and younger (although Barkley is only 24).

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