I need 2 keepers

In a 10 team, 2 keeper non ppr, with only 12 free agent transactions allowed in the year (Worst rule of all time) I have the option of keeping Bell (1st), Johnson (1st or 2nd if with Bell), Ertz (10th), or Josh Gordon (18th). I have 1.10 and 2.1 unless I keep Bell & DJ. Do you think it’s worth letting go of a stud for the extra depth when he’d be replaced by someone in the McCoy, Thomas, Freeman range at 2.1? I kept both last year and 12 move limit made it very difficult with DJ injury.

def take bell and david johnson without a doubt Dj and Bell are both top 8 picks this year Bell and Dj will both be top 5 at RB this year. I think since oyu have such late picks they are both great values!

I’d easily keep Bell and DJ. You’re basically getting Bell at 1.01 and DJ at 2.01/2.10. That’s a great draft!

Consider this:

If it was a redraft, you’d never be able to draft Bell and DJ, that should make the decision easy.

Ertz is the bottom of the top tier TE’s.

Read the article on Ballers.com by Kyle Borgognini regarding rookie QB’s ability to provide WR 1’s (about 17%).

Thanks for the feedback guys. Top level is the way I lean as well, it can just leave me short handed in depth when other guys have 2 later keepers and have 4 or 5 players before I get my next guys at 3.10 & 4.1

well first step, is to leave this bogus 12 transaction league. and then boom, youre done.

but honestly, just keep the stud RBs. you still gain value with DJ because he will go for a second. then just draft like normal and go hard for WRs, or even some good RB depth depending on whats available.

Been and DJ. You will not get two better at that spot with others likely keeping their studs as well IMHO

Keep Bell & DJ!