I need 2 WRs , pick 2 from the list

12 team half point PPR. Im 2-0 right now, in 2nd place and waiver wire priority 2

My squad

QB- Drew Brees
RB- E.Elliot Bye week 10
RB- A.Jones Bye week 5
WR- C.Ridley Bye week 10
WR- R.Woods Bye week 10
TE- M.Andrews Bye week 8
WR- M.Gallup Bye week 10
K- J.Elliot Bye week 9
D - Patriots Bye week 6


QB- M.Stafford
RB- A.Gibson Bye week 8
RB. T. Pollard Bye week 10
WR- S.Shepard Bye week 11
D- Cardinals (need for week 5 vs Jets) Bye week 8

Im dropping Drew Brees and picking up R. Tannehill
Im dropping Patriots D and pick Mike Gisiki TE

I got 2 more spots available.

Dropping Stafford and Shepard. Need to replace them with 2 wide receivers.

This is on waivers…

S. Sims - Washington
C. Beasley- Bills
L.Shenault- Jaguars
A.Humphries- Titans
N.Harry- Patriots
B.Cooks- Texans
H.Renfrow- Raiders
K.Cole- Jaguars
Z.Pascal- Colts
M.Pittman- Colts
D.Moore- Seahawks
C.Conley- Jaguars

Pick 2 Wide receivers please.


Cooks and Pittman

Or shenault

Pittman and ill go with a wild card potential bye week stash, Harry. Cam loves big wrs and harry is a big boy and showed on the final drive he can make hard contested catches. Cam will lean on him a little more as the entire offense cant rule through Jules everyweek and harris coming back could be a potential relief. As a pats fan i am hoping hard for harris to give the run game spark like blount did.

Also as a pats fan, I almost never say to take a pats player as i am very anti-pats in FF