I need 23.2 points full point ppr, who to start?

McCoy or Gordon. I know it’s a long shot but what do you guys think.

Gordon isn’t playing in the 1st quarter of the game for discipline reasons. The game script is going to be unfavorable for both options (NE being ahead and trying to run out the clock, Buf trying to throw the ball downfield for big plays). With that being said, it’s going to be tough for Gordon to get that in 3 quarters, but I have more faith in him than McCoy for that kind of production - especially given the fact that there’s a good chance McCoy will get injured for half the game.

Patriots run the clock out? Seems to me they put up max point no matter the scenario lol. Heartless Bill. I’d still roll with Gordon. He is the upside candidate here, even with 1 less quarter of production.

Yep game script is bad for both but I have more faith in Gordon scoring a few TDs in three quarters than McCoy doing anything of note.