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I need a better QB. Please Help me with a trade decision


I need a better QB. I have some trade options but I am not sure I want to give up Zach Ertz for one. There’s a guy in my league who has Cam, Prescott and Smith but only wants Ertz. I am so torn. What would y’all do ? My Options are:

Ertz for Jordan Reed and Alex Smith or Zak Prescott

Ertz for A. Seferian-Jenkins and Alex Smith or Dak Prescott


I don’t love the idea of giving up Ertz. Who’s your QB now? I suspect that guy, or someone else, is going to have to drop on relatively soon, due to byes/injuries.


Thanks for the reply! I agree, giving up Ertz just doesn’t feel right to me. My Other QBs are Cousins and Dalton. My team is pretty good other than needing to upgrade in that position. I’m 4-1.


Yea, you’re fine. I wouldn’t be in too big a hurry to change anything


Thank you!!


No problem. Ertz is a real difference maker at a position where there might be 3 of those. Th ats incredibly valuable, and usable QBs are among the easiest things to get in most leagues.


@DFWB I agree completely. I feel like I could be doing worse in the QB dept anyway. Ertz is so consistent so I think I am staying put.