I need a FF doctor for my selection migraine

Here is my WK 7 team
Prescott and Wentz QB (starting Dak)
RB - Hunt (already played), McKinnon, Martin and Ivory (DJ is on IR)
WR - Baldwin, Hilton, Diggs (q), Keenan Allen (q), Fuller (bye)

Who should I go for my 2nd WR and which other 2 RB should I go for (putting 1 in my flex).

Much love and good luck week 7

Wr:Hilton they will need to throw I suspect plus Allen vs the no fly zone =no thank you.

Rb McKinnon and martin if Fournette isn’t out. I’d prob go ivory and martin if Fournette is ruled out

Good luck too

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I agree with joshg11. And Fournette most likely is out, so Ivory is gonna have huge workload to fill the void. I like Ivory over McKinnon.

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Thanks dudes