I need a Kicker, who to drop?

Hello all,

Draft was this past Saturday and while I liked my picks, I didn’t draft a kicker for possible WR value. I will have to drop one and so far no one has gotten injured to make things easier. With that said, here are the players who i am thinking of dropping to pick up a kicker:

-N. Agholor Phi
-Keenan Cole Jax
-A. Hurns Dal
-T. Lockett Sea

I am leaning towards dropping Lockett. K. Cole may seem like a good drop candidate but picked up Bortles as QB which would possibly be good double points if Cole picks up during the season.

If you guys don’t mind, i have a similar situation in my other league:

Drop one of these players for a Defense:
-R. Cobb GB
-K. Cole Jax
-Taywan Taylor Tenn

Any help making this a little easier would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I like Cole but with Alshon being out, I think I’d like to see what Agholor does (although on paper I like Cole more than Agholor).

I’d drop Taywan in your other league. He’d prob go unclaimed and while he has huge potential, I don’t know that he’ll do anything for the first half of the season.

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I’m looking forward to Agholor as well. I do have good starting Wideouts, but would love to have depth with Agholor and hope one of the fliers pays off.


That would be Hurns & Taylor for me. Dak just hasn’t been playing well.

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Agreed, Dallas WRs are a total unknown at this point

I don’t know why i’m having a hard time getting rid of Hurns. It just feels like he is the one there to go to.