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I need a miracle in the 4th quarter

I already lost, but if the right 2 teams win I will be the 6 seed.

I need Carson to not record another yard. No fractional scoring and he currently is at 79 yards and the guy I need to win is up by 1 point. If they tie the wrong team wins.

I also need Lockett to score 6 points. How has he not had a catch yet… Pretty sure this wont happen now and I am toast.

I cannot believe Wilson hasn’t looked Lockett’s way much at all this game, or the last few games really. He had a few plays where he was wide open, Russ saw him, and then threw it to someone else. Crazy stuff man.

Welp, I am out of the playoffs for a second year in a row. Had I played Watson instead of Darnold yesterday I would be the 4 seed. instead I finish 8th. At least I get the 3rd pick next year.