I need a must win this week to make playoffs!

Having a hard time on putting my final roster. Any suggestions would be gladly accepted thanks.

Take chubb out and put DJ in. Chubb has a tough match

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My thoughts too and what I’m doing. Chubb is a beast but until I see him generate the targets that DJ does in the passing game, I can’t start him ahead of Johnson. The Houston D looks really legit and Cleveland being led into their house, with a green coaching staff and a rookie QB, gives me pause. Chubb could go off cause he’s that talented but all of the variables point to a difficult matchup in my opinion. It’s not an easy choice but DJ’s involvement regardless of game flow, makes him seem the safer start to me. I may change my mind but for now I’m sticking with Johnson.

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I like Chubb but that Houston D is scary. Dj has the safer floor. But Chubb has the higher ceiling. I’m a betting man, so I might go with Chubb. Depends on what your opponent has

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Thanks for the input guys. Here is my opponents roster. We are in a standard league if that makes a difference in y’all decision

What do you guys think about my Wr’s should I stick with Dj Moore? Or replace him with one of my other options?