I need a QB and waivers are nonexistent

Full PPR 12 team

I would trade Aaron Jones, Sony Michel, or Damian Williams


Tom Brady or Matt Ryan with Baltimore defense.

What would be my best move? Current quarterback is Winston so I need a new QB before Sunday and the person I’m looking to trade with does not have running back talent. Thanks in advance.

Unless you’re in a 2 QB league, there’s got to be streaming options that you can consider instead of trading one of your top RBs for a marginally better than waiver wire QB ROS. I would stick to the wire and stream.

Top waivers are dalton Stafford and jimmy G @bdp18. Change your mind?

You could honestly probably stick with Winston, don’t overreact to week 1! Especially not to trade an RB 2. QBs should only be acquired for flex level players and all 3 of these guys are not.

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Yeah I agree with ya. I do have Connor aswell. I don’t trust Winston and drafted Allen in the 15th but dropped him thinking I’d be able to get home back. If you want to trade one back who would it be? @KWagentfromCT

Eeesh that’s a tricky one, each have their pros and cons. If I had to rank them by who I would trade first it would probably be Damian, Sony and Jones in that order.

I still think streaming 1 of those 3 and/or Winston is better than giving up one of those strong RB2s. We’ve seen both Brady and Ryan have killer weeks and complete duds weeks just like those QBs you mentioned. Obviously they are upgrades, but I’d still stick it out. Another great streaming QB is bound to be dropped.