I need a QB for week 6 and TE for week 8

12 team half point PPR. My 2nd QB right now is Stafford but I need to get rid of him as he aint doing as good as I think he should do. Im trying to prepare myself ahead of time for bye weeks.

Week 6 my QB Drew Bees is out. This is who is available right now.

Ryan Tannnehill vs Texans
Jared Goff vs 49ers
Phillip Rovers vs Bengals

Who would you choose as your backup for week 6?

I also need a TE for week 8 as Mark Andrews is on bye week

This is what I have on waivers

Mike Gesicki vs Rams
Dalton Schultz vs Eagles
Tyler Eifert vs Chargers
Greg Olsen vs 49ers

As you can see, there is a shortage of TE’s on waivers. So I need to jump on it now than later. Be well prepared.

I’m 2-0 right now.

My squad

QB- Drew Brees
RB- E.Elliot Bye week 10
RB- A.Jones Bye week 5
WR- C.Ridley Bye week 10
WR- R.Woods Bye week 10
TE- M.Andrews Bye week 8
WR- M.Gallup Bye week 10
K- J.Elliot Bye week 9
D - Patriots Bye week 6


QB- M.Stafford
RB- A.Gibson Bye week 8
RB. T. Pollard Bye week 10
WR- S.Shepard Bye week 11
D- Cardinals (need for week 5 vs Jets) Bye week 8

As you can see, I’ll be royally fucked week 10. I won’t pick up no WR right now for that. It can wait by week 8 or so. For now I want to focus on Week 6 and 8 replacements.

Your input will be appreciated.


Given what we saw with injuries this week there are so many variables that can (and will) come into play by the time you need to make a decision. Stafford will be fine and should have Golladay back then. Personally I would hang on to him since the offense in TN runs through Henry. Based on the information you’ve provided though I would say Tannehill and Gesicki.

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Sometimes… it is better to just take the L than to pick up some scrub for 1 week.

I’d dump Brees now… and go with Tannehill
Shepard is droppable now… and way to early to worry about replacments
wait to see who gets hurt

AND EVERYONE is in the same boat.

This is why I only roster 1 QB and 1 TE and keep 5 WR and 5 RB’s
… play it out… at 2-0 your chances at playoffs are very good.

So … chill and see how it plays out.
but from what I saw of Brees… .I’d not sweat dropping him
hell Mitch Trabisky is a good stream right now. . and with Stafford… you can drop Brees IMHO


Shepard has turf toe… fish or cut bait… and I’d cut him
not exactly the greatest show on turf…
I want NO part of the NY Giants…

Got get Gage in Atlanta… Julio has hamstring.
so Gage is locked and loaded Wr2

I would but I already have Ridley as his the TD machine in that team.

you cannt NOT consider him just because you have 2 WR
look at it blindly and say would I start him and over others on your bench
and a 8/85/1 would look just fine…
and Ryan is throwing 500 yards a game!