I need a TE. Who do I drop?

I currently have Gesicki. Should I keep him or drop someone to pick a new one?

J Smith
J Grahampa
Jack Doyle (Q)
L Thomas
And other +10 TEs

L Murray
Marquise Brown
Sterling Shepard
P Campbell

I like Jonnu Smith a lot and would definitely drop Gesicki for him personally, but it isn’t a no-brainer.

The one thing that is clear to me is that Gesicki is the one to drop out of those options.

Thank you!!

I like to only roster a singe TE unless I have a premium option (top 5 guy). I would drop Gesicki, since it is unlikely he will be picked up after a game against the Bills (and there are plenty of other options on your wavier).

L. Thomas had more targets than McLaurn last week (team leader in targets), and could be the #2 pass catching option for WASH… I picked him up and going to see what I get for a week or two.